March 22nd, 2008


I've signed up to mentor a FreeBSD SoC project again this year. I'm most interested in sponsoring the following projects:

1) Improved schedgraph support.
2) User-space lock profiling tool
3) Improved VM tree structures
4) SMP safing Giant protected filesystems.

Maybe others. I know schedgraph and the user-space lock profiling may not sound as glamorous but they have the potential to have the biggest long-term impact on performance. Please email jeff at if you'd like to discuss these further.

The official list of project ideas is here:

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MyISAM performance is terrible in FreeBSD 7.0 due to the user-space pthread_rwlock implementation. Just a word of warning if you intend to deploy a database server based on 7.0. I am certain we will have this fixed in 7.1. It will most likely be in CURRENT in a week or two.