jeffr_tech (jeffr_tech) wrote,

Year in review

I have not posted in a very long time. I have been busy though and I'll try to summarize the last year here.

Firstly, I collaborated with my good friends at fairwheel bikes to work on a modification to Shimano's new electronic shifting group. You can read about that at I replaced the stock computer with my own micro-controller that enables some advanced shifting features. I'm trying to turn this into a commercial enterprise with a friend. There is a chance that a pro team will be using it next year.

The majority of my year has been occupied with a port of the OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution infiniband stack from Linux to FreeBSD. This is dual BSD/GPL licensed which permits the port. In pursuit of this I have created a 10,000 line Linux kernel api compatibility layer which allows us to run the vast majority of the infiniband code unmodified. As I mentioned on arch@freebsd the following pieces are emulated:

> atomics, types, bitops, byte order conversion, character devices, pci
> devices, dma, non-device files, idr tables, interrupts, ioremap, hashes,
> kobjects, radix trees, lists, modules, notifier blocks, rbtrees, rwlock,
> rwsem, semaphore, schedule, spinlocks, kalloc, wait queues, workqueues,
> timers, etc.

Additionally I have worked more on SUJ, mostly bug fixing. Kirk and Kostik have been most helpful in that and really did most of the work. There were some nasty bugs but we've whittled them down and now there are only a few performance regressions (and improvements) to concern ourselves with.

I wish I hadn't let this journal go for so long. If anyone has any specific interests let me know and I will try to post more frequently.
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